Offering QUALITY TOURS for over 46 YEARS
New England Sports Tours has been a leading provider in QUALITY TOURS TO AWAY GAMES SINCE 1972, featuring the BOSTON BRUINS, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, BOSTON RED SOX and the BOSTON CELTICS. Dan has provided in his 49 years of sports travel, memorable tours to over a QUARTER OF A MILLION sports fans to such SPECIAL EVENTS as SUPER BOWLS, BRUIN'S STANLEY CUP'S, RED SOX WORLD SERIES AND CELTIC'S NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS. Each season depending on the team schedule, tours are offered to away game, which features, TRANSPORTATION, GREAT HOTELS AND HARD TO GET TICKETS AS MOST TEAMS ARE SOLD OUT TO SEASON TICKET HOLDERS.

Dan has handled as many as 2000 Boston fans to a single event. Dan's first tour offered in 1972 was to the MIAMI DOLPHINS game. This tour including round trip air, transfers, two nights hotel and game tickets was just $ 99.00. Game tickets to the 2017 Miami Dolphins game, just the cost of the game ticket was $ 195.00.

Whether it's the BRUIN'S, RED SOX, PATRIOTS OR CELTIC'S or any other sporting event, let NEW ENGLAND SPORTS TOURS, provide you with an affordable, worry free trip. We have one waiting for YOU.

CAVEAT EMPTOR Is Latin for "LET THE BUYER BEWARE", in addition to the quality of the merchandise, this phrase also applies to our service. This was true in ANCIENT ROME and is just as true today in the internet age. So before you click the BUY button, NEW ENGLAND SPORTS TOURS is a locally owned SPORTS TRAVEL AGENCY serving great New England Sports fans for 49 YEARS of experience.